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Bonnie hypnobirthing Fife

Hello, my name is Bonnie, thanks for stopping by my website. You're probably here because you are pregnant, and looking for ways to feel prepared for the upcoming birth of your baby. Well you're in the right place. Hypnobirthing is for anyone who wishes to use it. The course will benefit both you and your birthing partner, no matter how or where you plan to give birth - that's a promise! But how do I know this? Fifteen years of supporting families prepare for birth, and, my own five birth experiences, four of which were using hypnobirthing.


I first discovered hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with my second baby back in 2005. I was filled with fear at the thought of giving birth again and began searching for ways that I could prepare for birth in a positive way and increase my chances of an enjoyable birth experience. I found and booked on a hypnobirthing course at only five weeks pregnant, sure this was the way for me. We started the course at twenty one weeks pregnant and absolutely loved it.  The  daily practise benifited me during my day to day life as much as it did for birth.


My second birth was amazing, I felt in control the entire time, and although it was hard work towards the end I had the tools to remain calm and relaxed throughout. I was on a high for weeks afterwards, the feeling of empowerment is one I will never forget. It was not long after my second birth that I decided to train as a hypnobirthing instructor. I really wanted to spread the word and help other mums to be have a good birth experience.

My third, fourth and fifth births were equally amazing, all different I might add but all positive. Each pregnancy and birth has also nurtured my teaching abilities and what I bring to my clients and business. I really do practise what I preach!

Training with Red Tent Doula Preparation course in March 2015 gives me the knowledge and confidence to offer ante natal and post natal support which is hugely beneficial to new mums.

I would love Great Expectations services to help families to expect great things for their birthing journey. Too often we are filled with fear as we are surrounded by negative literature, media and gossip in relation to birth and early parenting. Although these times can be challenging the positives are often overlooked. We know that quite often, we get what we expect, our expectations do influence our reality.


This influences how a woman feels about her upcoming birth and motherhood and ultimately her experiences.

By preparing with the programmes and support Great Expectations offers, mothers can allow themselves to simply look forward to birth and parenthood, unhindered by fear and armed with the knowledge and tools to have a great experience.

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