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We are often told that old nugget of wisdom, "you forget all about the birth once you hold your baby in your arms".  Well from my own first birth experience I can tell you for me that wasn't true, and because I didn't forget my birth, is the reason I looked into alternative options when pregnant again.

Although in hypnobirthing classes we focus on birth being a normal natural event, we do appreciate that sometimes nature needs assistance. Even when intervention  has been the best course of action for you to take, it can leave you feeling disappointed, maybe looking for ways in which things could have been different.

In a birth debrief session we meet privately and I hold the space for you to talk about your birth without any interference or opinion from myself. This alone can be a very healing experience and help you to appreciate that although birth might not have gone to your origional plans, that you did indeed have the right birth for you and your baby on the day.

This is an optional session for which there is no charge, although I might steal a cuddle from your baby!

Please contact me to book.

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