How it works

Find out how Great Expectations inspire positive futures with young people

How it works

Great Expectations is an intervention programme aimed at preventing young people from making decisions that may have a negative impact on their future. The main programme runs in secondary schools and youth groups across the county and is based on 6 sessions that are delivered once a week lasting for 2 to 3 hours each.

Sessions are delivered by Police Officers, PCSO’s, Youth Support Team, ex-offenders and current serving prisoners all of whom engage with young people in a non-judgemental and confidential environment building trust and respect and therefore enabling young people to speak openly and honestly about their experiences or ask questions about a specific matter that is concerning them.

The Great Expectations ‘toolbox’ includes:

'Your Knife or Your Life' awareness day in partnership with SkillZONE

Call-ins at Gloucester Crown Court

A safe custody experience

A safe court experience

4 - 6 week programmes, either within schools or community settings

Bespoke 12 week Girls Programme


Aston Project

The sessions that are delivered are restorative in their approach and tailor made to the needs and requirements of the participants. Session content often includes drug and alcohol awareness, gangs and weapons, criminality and the path to prison, peer pressure and positive future choices.

Great Expectations has a unique team that deliver the sessions and this enables young people to be challenged appropriately about their thoughts and behaviours and learn from the serving prisoners and ex-offenders who speak honestly about how their past mistakes have affected their lives and that of their families.

If you are making a referral, please would you therefore answer the questions on the newly worded referral form in as much detail as you possibly can. If there is information you don’t know then please don’t worry, just say so on the form and we will work with other partners to identify any further information once we have received your referral.

At the end of the programme young people that may need some additional support can be mentored and supported. Mentoring lasts for as long as required and looks to assist the mentee with specific areas of their life and through building a healthy professional relationship with their mentor and effectively dealing with problems and trauma that are often the root cause for negative behaviours.

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