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So enough of me blethering on, lets hear from some of my lovely mums how great their experiences were.

Debbie, Ross and baby Evie

I chose to do the course as I had spent two hours pushing with Alana, my first baby and I had read that in hypnobirthing there is no need for forced pushing, this really appealed to me.
After the course my husband Ross and I felt much more informed and relaxed about the labour and birth. I loved the relaxation techniques and enjoyed listening to my relaxation music. It really helped me to switch off from work and left me feeling calm, these really are tools for life.

Labour and birth was an amazing experience. I actually enjoyed giving birth! We were so calm and in control this time. I had a water birth, something I hadn't planned on, but I felt much more comfortable in a birthing pool listening to my relaxation music whilst Ross rubbed my back. The student midwife and midwife assisting were calm and respectful of our wishes. I had no long period of pushing, I felt she was coming and after a couple of small pushes she was out. I lifted her out of the water myself which was an amazing feeling. Both Ross and I were so emotional when she appeared.

Ross thought the whole labour and birth was much calmer and relaxed.
Evie was a very content baby but didn't sleep too well at night. I was breastfeeding and up several times through the night with her. Instead of getting annoyed about the lack of sleep, I would tell myself it wasn't forever and enjoyed the middle of the night cuddles and closeness. I went with my baby and what felt right which is the hypnobirthing approach. I try to remember that with my parenting today. 

Lyssa, Grant and baby Arran

Hi Bonnie,
How are you? 
Just to let you know that baby Arran Hutton was born on the 10th of August at 01:52! He was 8lbs and 4. A big boy :-) He is doing great and Grant and I couldn't be happier! It’s scary how much I love him already! 
The birth went well, although not as planned! I ended up being induced which meant my labour came on really quick so I was hardly getting any breaks in between surges! They were very intense. I went into labour about 9ish and he was born before 2am so it felt really fast! I didn't have any pain relief except some gas and air and I was in the pool for a while but was getting really warm so came out and ended up having him on the bed.

Birth didn't go as planned in the sense I was hoping to go into labour naturally but the end result was just the best thing in the world and I couldn’t be happier!
Thank you so much for everything. You made my pregnancy so relaxing and worry free. I was so glad I did the course. It meant I didn't stress about the labour throughout it. I enjoyed the relaxation and although my labour wasn't what I had planned it went well and I was so proud of myself for managing on just gas and air considering how intense it was. I would have never managed that if I hadn't taken the hypnobirthing course. 

Thanks again, Love the Huttons xxx


Kerry, Ryan and baby's Olivia and Esme 

We had a long and difficult birth for our first baby and when we found out we were expecting again within six months we knew we had to do something to have a better experience. We wanted to do the course after watching an online video of a beautiful waterbirth. The mum said that the only thing that she would do differently next time would be to study hypnobirthing. The birth had seemed amazing to us, so we thought if there is something that could make it even better, perfect! 

After the classes we were so calm and excited for our birth. We felt relaxed, happy and in control instead of anxious, worried and out of control like we had before. I really enjoyed my last weeks of pregnancy. I felt like my husband was much more a part of the whole experience, we were doing this together.

The actual birth was amazing! We had our intervention and drug free homebirth that we had dreamed about. This was very important to heal our first experience.

 My third baby was born in hospital after an induction was advised due to special circumstances so this was a different birth experience but still just as positive. The techniques we had learned really helped me to stay calm and for my husband to support me in just the right way. Even though the environment was very different and my labour had been augmented I still remained calm, relaxed and in control throughout. I brought our baby into the world in a quiet, calm and respectful environment. The part of the course which discusses birth planning was very important in achieving this different but positive experience. I required no pain relief again and felt amazing afterward.

The course has continued to benefit us during our day to day lives. The breathing techniques are invaluable in stressful situations. We have found our parenting style to be more gentle and child centred. Extended breastfeeding and babywearing are very important to us now. Things we hadn't really thought about before. 

Claire, Mark and baby Grace

I had heard about hypnobirthing from someone who had already completed the course and recommended it. I researched on the hypnobirthing website and immediately knew I wanted to do it. It sounded so appealing! So many of my friends and family were eager to tell me their horror birth stories! I was only a few weeks pregnant and already worried about the birth, the course sounded like just what I needed!

The cost it didn't put me off at all. I thought the course was worth every penny. To have home tutoring of 5 sessions, each 2.5 hours I thought it was well worth it.

On completing the course, myself and my husband felt very confident of the birth ahead! We had always just presumed we'd have a hospital birth but through doing the course and learning so much we decided we would like a home birth! We definitely would not have considered this had we not completed the hypnobirthing course.

My husband learned so much from the course, it opened his eyes to the benefits of having a drug free labour! We both learned how a home birth would benefit us as a family and how a calming, natural environment is what we wanted. 

After the birth I felt amazing that I had managed to have a drug free, mainly calm, home birth! It felt great to tell everyone what I had achieved, to which people were amazed!!!! It was so nice to be in our own house and to be able to go to my own bed after the birth and snuggle up with my new little bundle! I'll never forget that! 

Ailsa, Lee and baby Blythe

I'm feeling great. Our experience of home birth was amazing. Very very quick (3 hours) with Lee delivering her head seconds before our midwife arrived. We couldn't have hoped for a better birth. Again if we hadn't done hypno birthing with yourself for Bree we might not have considered it following a great birth with her. Thanks again.

Stacey, John and baby Roxie

Morning Bonnie well I did it!! I got my vbac super proud of myself. The hypnobirthing was great and got to ten cm using all my techniques. used a little gas and air to help me birth her. Great experience and if it wasn't for hypnobirthing giving me the confidence I would of opted for section so I'm glad Hypno gave me this. Miss Roxie Gunn born 5/5/16 at 10.23pm weighing 7lb 8oz. Thank you for everything xxxxx

Nicola, Dave and baby Lena

We would like to thank you for all your help and guidance. Things definatley did not go as expected. 15 got labour, ending in emergency forceps delivery in theatre distressed baby, she kept turning the wrong way but I remained positive throughout and David handled all the questions. Relaxation techniques really helped in the initial stages and we have a calm beautiful baby. Thankyou again xx

Jackie, Gordon and baby Cameron

On the recommendation of a  friend I decided to book my husband and I into at home hypnobirthing classes.   Bonnie our teacher was fabulous. She made us feel really at ease  from the first time we met.  We did an evening a week with Bonnie for 5 sessions, at our house.  It was great as it meant it fitted round our work.  After the classes  were finished we both felt really confident and ready for our childs birth. We worked through the various relaxation techniques and I listened to my hypnobirthing cd most nights until Camerons birth.


I was due to give birth on Wednesday 9th May 2012, however I went into labour the evening of Monday 7th. During my labour I used my breathing techniques to work through my surges. I also used my relaxation cd and birthing ball to maintain calm through the surges. I remained at home until lunchtime and even managed a walk. In my birthing  plan I had specifiied  to birth Cameron in the birthing pool  but due to my  high blood pressure I was not allowed. On arrival at hospital I was transferred from the Midwife led Unit (at Ninewells Hospital)to the labour suite in the main part of the building. When I arrived they examined me and told me I was 8 centimetres dilated and I was ready to go to the labour ward to give birth. At 4.02pm on Tuesday 8th May 2012 I gave birth to our gorgeous wee boy, Cameron Wilson Nimmo, weight -  7lbs 11 1/2oz  with no pain relief.  I was so ecstatic I had managed to do that.

Fathers Perspective:

Hi Bonnie, just a wee comment on the view from the Dad. I really got a lot out of the classes, I felt that I learnt a lot more than what would have been told at the normal anti natal classes. It is certainly worth while the Father going to the classes as they have a big part to play in the birthing process. I was present at Camerons birth, I was able to help Jackie with her relaxation techniques whilst she was in labour and her breathing techniques when she was giving birth to Cameron. Cheers, Gordon.

Gillian, Craig and baby Theodore
Gillian and baby Theo

Theodore Thomas James Cunningham arrived into the world at 7.29pm on 29th May. Teddy was delivered by emergency caesarean, however I do believe that hypnobirthing helped me immensely through his entrance into the world.


I attended the classes from around 30 weeks pregnant, and what I loved most about the course was how involved my husband could be in the labour process. Both Craig and I are anxious people, and it was important for me to have a tool kit to see us through what is perceived as a traumatic and stressful experience. As soon as I met Bonnie, I knew I would trust whatever she told me. I felt relaxed and welcome and that she really knew what she was talking about.

What I found most useful in the classes themselves was, firstly, understanding the physicality of what is actually happening during labour and delivery – I had read lots about pain relief and contractions but this was the first time I had learned about the uterine walls pushing baby down, and how the cervix thins and lengthens. I also learned lots about hormones, and how stress inhibits the production of oxytocin – vital to help baby on his way. The relaxation techniques carried out in class were also fantastic – having the guidance and safe space to relax deeply was something I had never experienced before, and I found it wonderful.


I tried to listen to my relaxation MP3’s regularly. I had written out some of my favourite affirmations on little cards to give my husband so that he could remind me of them if I felt overwhelmed during labour, however I seemed to have ingrained them into my subconscious as I did not end up needing them. My personal favourites were “Each surge brings my baby closer to me” and “I slowly breathe up with each surge”.  I had also purchased some lavender essential oil to make a relaxing room/pillow spray with and I used this for a few weeks while practising my breathing so that it would become an anchor of relaxation for me.

My waters released without warning around 3.30am on Thursday morning as I was relaxed in bed. I had been painting my kitchen earlier that day as I tried to stay as active as possible in late pregnancy due to SPD and sciatica.  I contacted the midwife led unit to let them know, and they asked that I go in to be examined later on that morning, although I had told them I did not believe I was in labour. They confirmed this fact later that day and made an appointment for me to return on Friday morning if nothing had moved along. I was very happy to go home, so that I could relax. I sat on my birthing ball and watched Disney films between naps and snacks. A lovely, pleasant day spent with my husband, knowing that our son would soon be with us.  Again, I continuously suffered with back issues through the last trimester so I decided to have a bath around 11pm. I had been in the bath for two hours and I started to notice some regularity in the twinges in my back, as well as feeling more fluid being released with each twinge. I listened to the deep relaxation tracks that Bonnie had sent me, and focused on my breathing. I passed perhaps another hour or so in the bath.  I got back onto my birthing ball to do some rotations and bouncing, helping baby on his way. As the hours passed, each surge become more intense. I cannot highlight enough how important surge breathing was for me at this point. I focused on breathing up with each surge, repeating my affirmations to myself. Although they were becoming very intense, I completely trusted my body, and that my baby was doing what he was meant to be doing. This meant I felt no fear, I was relaxed and proud of myself for being able to birth this wonderful boy. I woke my husband up around 4am to let him know his son was coming and he sat with me for some time, massaging my back and breathing with me. He was keeping track of the time and length of each surge and decided we needed to contact the midwife. I spoke with her on the phone and she asked me to come in to be assessed.

I tried to stay as relaxed as possible on the way to hospital, focusing on my breathing and blocking everything else out. The midwife was excellent in her response to our hypnobirthing wishes – she was very happy to accommodate our needs. After examination she told me I was 6.5 cm dilated (yes! Not even a paracetamol taken!) and that I could go into the birthing pool as soon as it was ready. She had filled the pool, dimmed the lights and put on some quiet music for us. The relief from the pool was incredible, I felt so relaxed, safe and happy. After three hours, surges were continuous and I requested some gas and air as I felt very intense pressure. Another hour passed, surge breathing in the squat position in the pool and the midwife requested to examine me. I had gone to 7.5cm in that time, however the baby was showing some signs of distress. He had turned back to back, and the midwife said although he was within touching distance, his head appeared not to be straight down in the birth canal which was stopping him coming down further to be born. Due to the fact his heartrate was dropping because of this, the midwife asked how I felt about him being turned with forceps. This was my worst nightmare, however I still felt in control and accepted that the beautiful calm water birth I had wanted was no longer going to happen, and that alternatives had to be discussed. Had I not been hypnobirthing, I would probably have lost myself to panic at this point.

When the consultant come, he had a look and decided that due to baby’s position, he did not feel that it would be the best route to use forceps and that due to baby’s heartrate being erratic he would recommend an emergency section. Again, this was not the way I had planned my son coming into the world – I had invested time and money into a relaxed, natural approach, however the most important thing at this point was a safe and happy baby.


Hypnobirthing saw me stay calm through an almost two day labour, and even as I was being operated on I stayed calm, focused on my breathing and affirmations and still had a magical moment the first time I saw my son. I still had my skin to skin, and my boy latched on easily and quickly for his first feed after his long journey!  I could not more highly recommend this approach to birthing and parenting (the classes and book discuss the fourth trimester and breastfeeding) and I have a happy, healthy baby boy.

Small Heading
Small Heading
Lynne Ross and baby Magnus

Magnus Kilpatrick was born on 1 October -12 days late and covered in meconium when he arrived.  He is so beautiful and growing so quickly.  Labour was 5 hours from start to finish and hypnobirthing definitely helped!  Ross was great at reminding me of my breathing.  He was all teed up ready with his birth partner script but didn't get the chance as I just wanted silence, haha!  I didn't get in the birthing pool - spent some time in the bath though. Briefly used gas and air but the breathing techniques were the thing that made the big difference.  I really can't thank you enough for helping me realise that it wasn't going to be a scary experience, it was really empowering in reality.

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