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We all have our own unique aspirations for our births and for those of us in the low risk category we can plan for our perfect birth. Sometimes though mothers are advised against their origional birth plans due to special circumstances which would indicate that it would be better for mother and baby to have a more managed or medicalized birth. This doesn't mean that the birth plan goes out the window, or that you can't plan and prepare for birth in a positive way. The Right Birth On The Day programmes are tailored for those who will have to deviate from their original birth plan. See below for the choice of programmes for your birth:

  • Confident C-section  

  • Twins and multiple births

  • VBAC

  • Breech birth

  • Induction

If you find yourself having discussions about any of the above with your health care provider The Right Birth On the Day programmes will empower you, and put you back in control of your birth plans.

Classes are held on a one to one setting in the comfort of your own home. Please contact me for dates and availability.

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